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As a leading logistic service provider, we hold expertise in offering transportation and relocation of any kind of cargo across India. Our well established National network as well as services of professionals provide us a strong & secure base for all the logistical needs our clients. All our consignments are covered by insurance therefore assuring complete safety of goods without any liability. The broad portfolio of services include the following:


Our operational excellence provides the foundation for the integrated logistics solutions that we offer to our customers. The team of skilled professionals constantly monitor operational performance by maintaining a PDCA (Plan / Do / Check / Action) cycle for continuous improvements. We focus on the development of highly advanced logistics technology and the global training of personnel. By providing in-depth analyses of the transportation environment and of various other technical services, our mission is to add critical value to our logistics solutions.
Our strong competitiveness relies on our proven track record of high quality operations, a tradition maintained throughout our growing global network.


Our headquarter at Delhi and associate offices across the India are well equipped with modern gadgets to handle the complete relocation and cargo transportation needs of our customers. The latest tracking facilities enable us to provide exact status of the consignment on the move. Moreover, our experienced team can quickly assess a critical situation, identify transportation alternatives and implement a delivery solution that meets your time and cost requirements.
Following strict safety standards & superior quality control, we also take pride in our professionalism and speedy execution of assignments. Further, our dynamic style of working and association formed with leading freight forwarding companies of the world helps us to extend our reach to every corner of the globe.
SFCM - Why the Name? We interpret our business of logistics to be a facilitator of Convergence and Growth, an evolution of the oldest natural source of trade and development – water. That’s why the name ‘SFCM’. Over time, water has channeled civilizations, agriculture, trade and markets across the globe, bringing prosperity to every region. Today, SFCM Logistics facilitates these independent markets convergence to a point of growth.
We employ our expertise to enable every business. With a fluid supply chain we deliver constantly, overcome challenges of diversity across industries and markets, worldwide. In our journey of being a global Logistic Solution Provider, we in turn are constantly evolving with ideas, people and cultures. We go with the flow!


SFCM offers dedicated, shared and bonded warehousing solutions that are an integral part of our clients supply chain. These accommodate clients customized requirements in terms of not only the location but also its functional layout for maximum productivity and scalability.
Across the company’s network of dedicated and multi-client distribution centres, standardized warehouse systems and processes ensure that customers get the highest levels of operational efficiency.

Packaging and Value-added Services
SFCM provides customized inspection, packaging services, ensuring that our client’s goods are safe from pilfer and damage and ready for shipping. We offer a wide range of assembly and final configuration programs, along with the capabilities to manage these activities.

Transportation and Distribution
In a complex and difficult geographic terrain like India, distribution and transportation management plays a crucial role in timely delivery of your products. At SFCM we oversee and manage the entire distribution process to the most complex locations.We offer improved service quality giving our clients tighter control over delivery schedules by using an extensive network of transportation services.
SFCM use best industry practices, which includes bar coding facilities and an integrated returns management system. Our advanced web-based systems ensure connectivity and availability of information regarding distribution.
Our services include cargo consolidation, distribution to remote and hinterland areas and monitoring of cargo at various load points. In addition, SFCM also assigns different modes of transport or specialized carriers for odd dimensional cargo. SFCM provides a variety of transportation management options for our clients, as we analyze all the carrier options, find the right price/ performance combination, and execute shipments.
SFCM can combine or subdivide orders into shipments that meet customer requirements at the lowest transportation cost. This is facilitated by our integrated order management, warehousing and transportation systems. SFCM can also consolidate shipments from different origins, combine them at a location near the point of delivery to make a complete order, and deliver it to its final destination as a final unit.
Some of the transportation services we offer include:

SFCM Customer Enablement Center
SFCM Customer Enablement Center service professionals take care of updating the customers from purchase order right through follow-up customer service. Our professionals are skilled, customer-focused and strong communicators.
SFCM-Enable enables Customer Enablement Center to provide innovative contact centre solutions with complete control.

Project and Heavy-lift Logistics
SFCM provides varied project logistics solutions. Heavy haulage solutions include project planning and implementation. Specialized equipment capable of hauling extremely heavy loads available with us provides an end-to-end solution to clients.
Our Logistics Engineering teams support other projects such as project imports and exports and turn-key projects.