1. I am shifting my house. Can Shiftus help me?
  2. Yes. Just book an order on our website and relax. Our team will reach you on the day of shifting. The labour will be there to handle everything and put at proper place.
  3. I have an industry and want regular transport service. Can Shiftus work on contract basis?
  4. Yes, we do work on a contract basis for industries. We are already working with over 550+ industries all over India and would be happy to add you to our family. We have all kinds of trucks suitable for your needs.
  5. How Shiftus promises lowest price for every transportation?
  6. Shiftus has a network of trucks all over India and profits are as low as 2% on every transit. We rather believe in earning through more deliveries per day instead of maximizing profit on a single delivery. Thus, the prices automatically go low, directly benefitting the customer.Isn't this great???
  7. I want to send a single item, a bike, how much would it cost?
  8. The estimate that you get on our website is when you hire a complete vehicle. But when you are sending smaller items which doesn't occupy full vehicle, you come under "part-load delivery", and hence the charges will be as low as 5% of the estimated cost.
  9. Its a rainy season, so how are my goods protected?
  10. All vehicles either have closed container or adjustable roof. If its a rainy season, we do make sure that your goods are fully covered and not damaged by rain.
  11. Are my goods secure against theft during transport?
  12. Yes. The inter-state transport deliveries are shipped in closed containers that are locked. Hence, you can relax. For local deliveries, one of our person will be there on the truck to keep an eye on your goods.
  13. I want my goods to be packed & then delivered.Can Shiftus do that?
  14. Yes, you can opt for packaging while booking your order.
  15. OK. So what is my final price for the delivery?
  16. You can get an estimate of the cost on our homepage. But that's just an estmate. Most of the costs never go beyond 60% of the estimated cost. Once you book an order, one of our executive will call you and get an estimate of your goods, and select the best vehicle type (size) for you and will tell you the best possible price. When you confirm, the booking is made final. Now you can have a coffee.
  17. Do I have to pay any advance?
  18. It depends on you. If you have faith in us, you can pay advance or if you feel comfortable in paying after the delivery, do that. Priority is that you get your goods safely and on time. Pay as you feel like.
  19. What are the payment methods?
  20. You can either pay Cash on Delivery or credit balance to our account through net banking. If the delivery is for an industry, you can also pay in cheque.